Mount Lishan with the Mythical Legend

4/22/2014 Young Sights Shaanxi 1375
Lishan Mountain has become an integral part of Scenic Spots and Historic Sites of Lintong Lishan. As one of the branches of the Qinling Mountains, Lishan Mountain is situated at the south of Lintong Town, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. Nestling against Mount Lishan on the south, the mausoleum commands a view of River Wei to the north, the tumulus being the converging point of the nine ridges of Mount Lishan which lie like nine undulating dragons giving protection to it.

As a matter of fact such kind of architectural wonders in ancient China as A Fang Palace that had appeared in the same historical period as the Seven Wonders and were scarcely comparable to them as magnificent as they were are symbols of the civilization of the East. As the "Records of the Grand History of China" said, the First Emperor started the construction of A Fang Palace and his own mausoleum as soon as he acceded to the throne. The Mausoleum of the First Emperor of Qin, which is located at the northern foot of Mount Lishan in Lintong County of Shaan'xi Province, is one of the earliest and largest imperial mausoleums in ancient Chinese history.

According to an ancient Chinese legend, Zhou Youwang just teased the Princes with beacon fires. Zhou Youwang only hopes Baosi will smile at it and be relaxed. So he got together a considerable retinue and set off for Mount Lishan with his lover. When dusky night rides down the sky, he gave the word to light the beacon fires and pound the drum furiously.

This directly contributed to the thing that the princes think that the circumstance might change in the capital. In a big hurry, they despatched troops and sent generals and marched in the direction of Mount Lishan. By the time they got there, however, they saw no sign of enemy's conditions. Contrary to what they might suspect, there were quantities of joyous singing and dancing in the towering residence of the king.

In the years afterwards, a growing number of people were attracted to the mountain with beautiful scenery by its far-flung fame and in time it became known in many parts of the world as an ideal place of taking a soak at its hot springs. People are saying that even in ancient times, Mount Lishan has grown a great deal of plum trees. The Hot Spring of Mount Li is one of the most renowned hot springs in our country.

For example, the nice Hua'Qing'Chi that is situated at the foot of the northern slope of Mount Lishan is one of the most famous hot springs in China. This accounts for why it is also named the Goddess Hot Spring. It's said that the water of Hua'Qing'Chi comes from geothermic warm spring underground, which has more than twenty kinds of mineral matter contained in the water and is nice to protect health and skin of human. And that is why it is also named the Goddess Hot Spring. 
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