Miraculous Yarkand River in Xinjiang

12/25/2014 Young Sights Xinjiang 1872
Yarkand River with the overall length of about 970 kilometers heads up in the mountain pass in the Karakoram Range in northern Kashmir. The upper reaches take shape of the deep valley, travelling through the mountainous area of the Kunlun Mountain Ranges, which had become the small segment between Kashmir and Xinjiang.


The source of the Tarim River in Xinjiang is located within the territory of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in extreme eastern China. The rough and impetuous torrent of water was flowing generally northward after flowing out of the Kunlun valley, which had formed many branches and scattered randomly throughout the alluvial fan. It irrigates the Yarkant oasis of prosperity, which is one of the largest oasis in Xinjiang.


Every year from May to September is its flood duration while the low-flow period is from December to next February. The upper reaches of the whole river is winding and rushing through the whole valley. There grow the juniper tamarisk and a wilderness of weeds on the steep hills on both banks of the river, which is suitable for grazing animals yet the mountains make communications difficult. The downstream is from the Kaqun Mountains.


The terrain is gradually becoming flat and low. The river-bed is composed of rock, gravel and sand. Both banks of the river connect with the interminable plain, which would have become the irrigation area of Ye river. Yarkand River with many branches had good quality water, which makes the river become the chief sources of industrial and agricultural industries in Kashi area and life water of local residents.


Yarkand River flows on day and night without stopping that is running at full pelt down the Karakoram Range in northern Kashmir and flowing into the raging Tarim River in Xinjiang that is the largest inland river in China. It nourishes vast expanses of fertile fields on both banks.


Today the fertile strip along the banks of the river supports about many local people who could also enjoy the benefits from the Yarkand River and narrate about a hero that had been passed down orally. In that remote times, there was one little common village at the foot of the Kunlun Mountains. There was a little man named Yarkand in this village who had come upon the parish ever since his parents died.


Because of a drought the like of which is not seen in a hundred years, there was almost a total crop failure in the village. At that time, he was only 18 years old. The bravery boy decided to look for water along the dry river bed.


After thousand hardships and ten thousand bitterness but at last found the water at the cost of his life. He cast himself down from the cliff and falls into the flowing spring. Spring soon turned into the great river with the swelling waves. From then on, the village which has been stricken by drought and diminishing rainfall over the past many years had completely changed. People who live and work in peace and contentment named the river as Yarkand River in order to commemorate the bravery boy. 
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