Mangka Manchu Township Changchun

10/15/2014 Meixuan Sights Changchun 2065
Mangal Manchu Township is a well known spot in China which is situated under the south eastern corner of Changchun jurisdiction. More than twelve villages, forty four natural villages, one hundred and fourteen clubs and more are in under the same jurisdiction. It covers a total area of one hundred and thirty five square kilometers and seven thousand and ninety seven hectares is arable land, in which two thousand four hundred and fifty six hectares is paddy fields. The population comes to just thirty three thousand three hundred and fifty five. Nearly thirty percent of the Mangka Manchu Township government is situated in Scotia Ridge Tun.

History starting from Ming Dynasty:
The development of the famous Mangal Township started during the period of Ming Dynasty for approximately fifteen years. During the in 1949 liberation, Township post was actually owned by general jurisdiction of China in Jilin. The establishment of Scotia Ridge government led to the introduction of 9 counties in the year 1956. But the establishment of Mangka Manchu Township was in 1987. In Manchu language, the term Mangal has the meaning – ‘dunes’. The Mangal Tuen is situated in Songhua River in the western part of Mangka Manchu Township. Near to the river, there is flat and fertile land with several waterways as well as convenient transportation. The entire landscape of this township is picturesque.

Township with abundant rivers!
The River resources in this township are awesome. The origin of one river is at Yongji County and passes via Hongo Dan Zhuncun Rio Grande do Sul. The length of this river is fifteen kilometers. Another river starts in HU home territory and flows through the beautiful Mangal Manchu Township in Zhuangzi Village. It is twenty five kilometers long. Both rivers are seasonal and have abundant flow in rainy season. There is a Mangal Manchu rural mountain forest area which is state-owned. One region is at a height of seven hundred and twenty four meters and has a special name - Eagle's Nest while other is at a height of seven hundred and eighteen meters over sea level. It is called as Hadashan or Motor Mountain folk.

Mangka Manchu Township is having a perfect animal husbandry Park which is built on a huge scale basis. The cattle population is large. There are about twenty thousand commercial pig herds, fifteen thousand rabbit breeding stocks, and more. The introduction of several farming associations has even led to more developments in the whole of township which will guide and support the farmers in establishing the livestock farming district. The cattle population is increasing at a rapid pace every year. There are several tourism resources in the Mangka Manchu Township. The western as well as central villages are very rich underground with coal resources. The remaining places is rich in granite and bluestone stone. This township is very popular in whole of China particularly in the construction industry.

Travel Tips:
This is the perfect spot to enjoy the natural scenery and a real taste of living habits of Manchu people. It can be visited any period of time. Never miss it. 
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