Major Marine Park - Hangzhou Polar Ocean World

10/6/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 3550
Hangzhou Polar Ocean World, which comprises a total area of 200 acres with a full investment of 600 million Yuan, is one of the country's major marine parks. This is an ocean-themed park joining landscape experience and polar animal shows. Situated in Hangzhou Xiaoshan Xianghu Lake Scenic Zone, it is seated nearby to the Cross Lake Bridge Museum, and is one kilometer away from Hangzhou Leisure Expo Park, and 2 kilometer away from Xianghu subway station. The conveyance is very expedient.

Main attractions

You can find animals like polar bear, polar wolf, northern sea lion, southern sea lion, dolphin and arctic fox in this polar ocean world. The polar park is divided into chief five sections which are the marine museum, tree birds, visitor center, children’s play area and children’s museum of art. There are more than hundred animals in this polar ocean world. There are four white whale, two polar bears, four false killer whale, four walrus, eight dolphins, two sea otters, 20 fur seal, 20 sea lions, 30 seals, 40 penguins, 6 Arctic fox and four Arctic wolves. It is a classy building compound of relaxation, entertainment, shopping, and tradition.

The building of the Hangzhou polar ocean world is very attractive and is constructed in a bright blue color with the aim of attracting tourists, especially the children. There are plenty of attractions in this park for people of all ages. The best time to visit the polar ocean world is during summer.

Biggest showcase of white whales

You can find here the biggest showcase of white whales in the entire world. Hangzhou polar ocean world has been hailed as one of the major ocean parks in China and the biggest ocean theme park in East China. Dolphins and other marine creature presentations are enjoyed here. The auditoriums in the ocean world deliver many chances for tourists to discern the secrets of the ocean. Several uncommon aquatic animals are exhibited. Certain halls displays cultures and atmospheres of the world.The acts of the feeders and dolphins or sharks are tourist attractions of Hangzhou polar ocean world. An underwater tunnel which is about a meter long will exhibit hundreds of rare aquatic animals.

The polar ocean world has been regarded as a 4A level of scenic spot. The Hangzhou polar ocean world is also going to set up the first dolphin healing center, where with the help of dolphins ultrasound, treatment of mentally challenged and autistic kids will be initiated.

How to reach there

The opening hours of the Hangzhou polar ocean world is from 9:00 a.m. in the morning to 5:00 p.m. in the evening. The admission fees charged or visiting this stunning place is one hundred and fifty Yuan per person. To reach the polar ocean world, you can take bus no. 515 which is a shuttle bus or reach the famous Shixin square and board bus no. K707. You can also visit the ocean park by hiring a car, it is a twenty minutes’ drive from the center of Hangzhou city.

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