Magnolia in Beijing

10/24/2013 FAYE HU Sights Beijing 4739

Talking about Beijing, everyone knows the Forbidden City,the Greatwall, but may very seldom people knows the Magnolia flower in Beijing.

Magnolia flower is one of the best-known flower species in Beijing. From Yuan dynasty, Beijing started plant Magnolia trees, especial in Ming and Qing dynasty,the Magnolia are very popular, so nowadays, the Magnolia trees can be seen in parks, gardens, along the streets, as well as the city’s many temples. Today the most famous place to see Magnolia flower is Tanzhe Temple ,from 2009 The Magnolia Soulangeana Festival is celebrated every year at the Tanzhe Temple, and the most famous Magnolia trees in Tanzhe Temple, it is called Flower as Two Beauties of Qiao(二乔木兰), name from the beauty of the Three Kingdoms , Shu Han and Wu.


The flower in this tree is purple in white and The two magnolia trees are over 200 years old, so you can image how people attracted by its appearance and charms. The festival will last 11 days from middle of Apr, and visitors will have the chance to experience refined flowers and also experience the temple's tranquility.

As from the city center to Tanzhe Temple need about 1.5hours on the road, a little far, not very convenient. Now, we want introduce some place where you can enjoy the Magnolia flower in the city center, that is also the earliest bloom Magnolia flower in Beijing which uaually bloom in the beginning of April-the Magnolia flower outside Forbidden City Wall.


Nearby the Tiananmen Square, outside the west City wall of Forbidden city, every year the Magnolia attracts many visitors from both home and abroad, from children to senior citizens,among these people, you can find the normal tourist. Also you will find the professional photographers. Every year, when spring—the resurrection time comes, the Magnolia flower will come into bloom, the Magnolia trees combined with the beauty of  red city wall provide an extraordinary view and attract people come to see it.

Magnolia flowers are white, purple or yellow, the Magnolia outside Forbidden City wall mainly are white, so when all the trees bloom in the same time, you may wonder that the beautiful scenery in your eye is true or a dream. When you wandered outside the city wall, especial the afternoon of a sunny day, bathing in brilliant sunshine and smelling the scent of the Magnolia flower, you will fall in love with Magnolia, fall in love with Beijing, fall in love with life!!

So if you want to have a peep at this mysterious magnolia flowers, come to Beijing, come to the Tanzhe Temple, come to the city wall of the Forbidden city. When you see it, you will never forget it.

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