Inner Mongolia's Most Beautiful Badan Jilin Desert

3/19/2014 Jenny Huang Sights Inner Mongolia 4899
China is possibly one of the most beautiful places on earth. Apart from the usual famous places which are swarmed by tourists, there are few unknown places which are mesmerizing, less crowded and hence, are cheaper to visit. These unknown attractions have all the required potential to be a world class phenomena. They are waiting to be discovered. Badan Jilin Desert is located in south central part of China and is the third largest desert in China. It lies in the province of Inner Mongolia. The desert has the longest sand dunes on the whole world, average being of two hundred meters.


The Badan Jilin desert is a sandy desert, half barren and contains a combination of solid bedrock, loose gravel and various small lakes, which are responsible for the growth of small vegetation.The desert has the Gobi desert in north which is the Earth’s northern most deserts with least vegetation. In the east it has mount Lang, in the south east it has Mount Yabraishan and it has He Xi Corridor present in the south west. It is also surrounded in the west by the river Ruo Shui.


The sand capes of this desert are an attractive tourist destination and are popular among adventurous climbers.It is challenging experience to trekking enthusiasts. Camel safari and 4-WD vehicles are available for tourists so that tourists can explore deep in to the desert. Camping, hiking and camel riding are the main attraction of this place. It is one of the most beautiful place in the world and the sand dunes look breath taking. This desert covers an area of about 47,000 square kilometers.

Though the desert is very dry, it has one hundred and thirteen lakes which are not yet explored and which provide shelter to various aquatic birds. The name of the desert is thus derived, Badan Jilin, in Mongolian, it means “mysterious lakes”. There are people living in the desert too. The altitude of the desert is between 1100m to 1600m, hence, it is quite an interesting place for hikers.

Tourists can also visit the Badanjilin temple which is a Tibetan Buddhist temple and is well preserved. It was built in the year 1868. Renting a sand jeep on S317 highway is an ideal option to reach the tourist center. The jeeps are strong, with deflated tires and can wade through deserts all day.

Bilutu peak is the tallest stagnant sand dune with a length of more than 500 meters. Tourist can reach here through a sand jeep. Standing on top of the sand dune tourist can have breath taking view of adjacent sand dunes and various colorful lakes.

Ideal Season to Visit

The perfect time to travel this desert is during spring since the weather then is pretty amiable. The only way to reach the desert is through sand jeeps which are easily available.Engaging a tourist guide is a pretty good option.

The Badan Jilin desert is recognized by UNESCO as a unique ecosystem. The sand dunes of the desert are very beautiful and it can be rightly considered as the world’s most beautiful desert.

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