Harbin Ice and Snow World

1/8/2018 chloe Sights Harbin 2486

Christmas without white snow is not Christmas. Winter is too warm and short in Shenzhen, so do you want to find a perfect place for Christmas fun? Harbin Ice and Snow World is waiting for you this Christmas Season. Why not hurry up and join us?


Usually Christmas Season lasts from December to mid-January and delicate Christmas decorations can be seem in shopping malls, supermarket and recreational clubs. Harbin Ice and Snow World can get you enough fun of Christmas. Located in the northeastern part of China, Harbin Ice and Snow World is by far the largest one in China, boasting for natural snow, charming snow sculpture, ice lantern show, as well as various entertainments. Since Harbin Ice and Snow World was launched by the government in 1999, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is held every year in winter. And tourists from all around the world come and admire it. 


Winter in Harbin is long and freezing cold, which lasts for about 190 days every year. When the temperature drop sharply below zero degree, Songhua River begins to froze up. Huge and firm ice blocks that used to carve snow sculptures are mainly quarried from the surface of Songhua River. Then capable craftsmen work day and night to design and carve special ice sculptures before the approaching of the Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival. Together with Japan’s Sapporo Snow Festival, Canada’s Quebec City Winter Carnival and Norway’s Ski Festival, Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival is renowned as four finest ice and snow festival.


The styles and themes of ice sculptures vary from year to year, and usually they are associated with the festival themes. For instance, the theme in 2005 is “Friendship between China and Russia”. A majority of ice sculptures are designed in Russia style and Russia’s remarkable architectures are displayed on the festival, including the East Palace, the Moscow’s Red Square, etc. While appreciating those Russian style masterpieces, tourists feel like entering an exotic fairyland. When the lovely night is coming, multicolored lights light up all the magnificent ice sculptures. The sky is deep blue; the ice sculptures are bright and shining. What a view! The spectacular scene is totally beyond your imagination. Besides, the amazing ice bar, ice hotel and ice maze here may also surprise you.


Breathtaking recreational activities on ice are other highlights in Harbin Ice and Snow World that will not let you down. Well, I guess that traditional activities like skating, skiing, snow fights and sliding are so familiar to you. But do you want to try something new here? If your answer is “Yes”, I strongly recommend you to try ice golf and ice archery, which may bring you a lot of fun. 

What if you are not a sport lover? Excellent festival performances are available here for those who are seeking for something less physically-demanding. I definitely believe the special shows may present you an enjoyable and unforgettable festival experience.

Travel tips: Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival lasts for about a month, and the admission fee is 330 Yuan.

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