Hangzhou Lingshan Fairyland – A Combo Location of Adventure and Fun

10/6/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 4751
Hangzhou Lingshan Fairyland is a natural cave, which is also known as Hangzhou Lingshan Cave located in the West Lake Scenic Area. Driving 18 kilometer from the down town of Hangzhou, tourist can reach to the magnificent location. The cave is more than 1,500 years of history and an attractive tourist destination with wonderful scary landscape and blend of wind, waterfalls, water, springs and gas. On the wall of the cave tourists can still see the personal inscription written by the former governor of Hangzhou, Zu Wuze, who was the governor during 1006-1085 which is still maintained intact. There are also so many inscriptions written by artists, poets and Tong and Song Dynasties could be seen here. There are also some of their works you can see on the wall of the cave.

Uneven projections

The cave has lot of ridges, twists and peaks that are really surprising due to its uneven projections. The formations are stupendous natural wonders; even a professional caver will be surprised in seeing the wonders. Because of these unusual combinations of landscape, this cave is one of the best locations for adventure cave expedition.

As the cave is located within the city boundaries, it is an easy access to the Fairyland. Just 18 kilometer drive from the city will take less than 20 minutes reach the location, take you to one of the easiest adventure spot in the world. The joining point of Fuchun River and Qiantang River are very close to the cave or the cave is located at the strategically junction of these two rivers.

Inside view of the cave

Day time is the best occasion to visit the cave as you can see the splendor of the caves. If you visit in the day time, you can conveniently spend as much time in the cave by seeing and admiring and enjoying the natural wonders. Tourists would require minimum 2 hours to spend in the cave to enjoy the full visuals of the cave. You can see lot of stalactites and stalagmites in different forms inside the cave. Apart from this a waterfall, a river also you can see inside the cave. This is one of the best locations where you can take beautiful photographs of natural wonders. The sparkling views of lights reflected through the drizzling waters are so wonderful to watch. You will never feel tired of seeing all these wonders.

Tallest stalagmite

The tallest stalagmite structure in Asia is located in this cave, which is known as Tianzhu Peak. The peak is 24.5 meter in height and has long vertical staircase along the cliff with a length of 103 meters can take you to the top of stalagmite structure to have close look of the peak. Further to this, the cave also has boastful of stalactite namely Jade Lotus Waterfall. Another natural wonder is "Nine Sky Flying Dragon", which is actually a 9,200 square meter limestone wall with a height of 116 meters. This limestone wall is considered as the biggest of this type in the world.

Travel tips

Reaching to the city Hangzhou is easy from Shanghai if travelled by High Speed Train service. From the city, there are regular buses to Lingshan Cave or you can engage a taxi to reach to the location. Entry to the cave is against ticket CNY 50 per adults and CNY 25 per children less than 1.3 meter height. The cave will be opened morning 8:00 am to evening 04:00 pm.

For visitors, who are interested in adventurous trips visiting Lingshan Cave is recommended because it is fun filled and entertaining.
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