Hangzhou Botanical Garden – One of the Best Natural Garden in Hangzhou City!

9/30/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 5057

Hangzhou Botanical Garden is the largest public botanical garden located in Hangzhou City of Zhejiang Province. The garden is developed in 1956 and is located exactly in Taoyuanling of Xihu District. Sprawled over 248.46 acres of land, the garden is managed and maintained by Hangzhou Garden and Relics Management Bureau. Looking from the West Lake area the garden is on the foot valley of Jade Spring Hill on the North West end of West Lake. The park is not just a colorful flowering plants and trees, but a research based unit on various aspects of plants and environment protection studies.

Cool and fresh atmosphere

People are attracted to the botanical park due to its diverse character. Colorful followers, verities of trees, cool and fresh air are the main element that attracts tourists very much. The layout of the garden is supplemented with kiosks and resting facilities and watching pavilions.

Two sections

The garden has two divisions, the research section and leisure garden area. The research section is always busy with various experiments on plants and horticultural activities. Here the scientists carry out various experiments on preserving endangered species of plants and try to replicate the plants without losing its genetic qualities. Ruthless handling of humans has put many plant species in a near extinct stage and great efforts are being carried out here to survive them.

The leisure garden area has Botany Classification Garden, Botany Appreciation Garden, Bamboo Garden, Garden of Economic Plants, Medicinal Garden and Plant Resources Museum. The 'Lingfeng Tanmei' section in the Botanical Appreciation Garden is an exciting location and so is very much attention catching place. Tourist can see more than 5,000 plum trees dancing in the breeze. The blooming of plums is a wonderful scene to watch.

Unique character

Each sections within the garden are unique in character. When going in to the section of Bamboo Garden, you will be surprised to see the different variety of Bamboo plants. Especially the fast growing Damaozhu species, which can show a growth of one meter height in single night and can reach to a height of a three storey building within one month, is an amazing experience one should not miss to watch. Though bamboos are originally classified as grass species, some bamboo plants are typically grass looking style. Some of the bamboos have spots on its stem. In the Garden of Economic Plants, you can meet the plants that are used for commercial purpose to produce medicines, fibers, industrial materials, industrial resins and various flavors.

Great ambience

No wonder the garden is full of greeneries and green meadows. It is a good place for relaxation, leisure, enjoyment and family get together. There are various entertainment facilities targeting children and adults. The park is an ideal romantic place for couples to spend quality time together. Beautiful location makes it impossible to compromise on photography. Each of the photo frames would competes each other and that happiness transforms your soul in to an energizing body action. You will be free of any negative charges. Such is the magic of this highly charges botanical garden.

Travel tips

This is an all season park. Entry is restricted by admission fee, which will cost you CNY 10 per adults and CNY 5 per children less than 1.3 meter height. The park is opened from 7:00 am to 5:30 pm. Frequent bus services are available from Hangzhou bus station during day time. 

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