Guanshan Forest Park in Shaanxi

10/29/2014 Young Sights Shaanxi 1503
Guanshan Forest Park is located in the Guan Mountain woodland about 35 kilometers to the southwest of Long County in Shaanxi Province, with the overall measurements of about 6,982 hectares. Guanshan Forest Park is the multi-functioned mountain forest tourist resort that centered with the forest scenes and is compensated by the prairie grassland.

The natural sceneries of Guanshan Forest Park are deep valleys, luxuriant forest, clear waters and miraculous clouds. The unique landscape and character of Guanshan Forest Park make it a magnet for hundreds of thousands of visitors each year. The vertical vegetation zone had the obvious distribution. The serenely limpid waters of the lake and the cascading waterfall could complement and set each other off.

The sky-kissing ancient trees could hide the whole of the sun. Broad and charming prairies could stretch out as far as the eye can see. The herd of horses could be found everywhere in the wilderness, which enjoys the fame as the Alps mountains of the East. Guanshan Forest Park is the general vacation touring resort that has gathered food, lodging, amusement and shopping merging into one organic whole, like the accommodation forest villa cluster, the folk custom garden of the Mongolian, dining-room banquet and racecourse.

In the beauty spot you could go for a walk at the beginning of spring, escape summer heat during the summer, enjoy the red autumn leaves in the golden autumn and enjoy the view of snow in the chilly winter, to take in the full beauty of the natural scenery as of the extraordinary workmanship of nature and feel pleasant and excited from a wide variety of recreational activities.

There're range upon range of high mountains that stretch for hundreds of miles. The hills are perfectly round. Green and shady trees are as smooth as velvet. Here you could get a feel of the tranquility of the dark and deep valleys. Visitors could surround themselves with the paths winding along mountain ridges. From the garden here you can give a bird's eye view of the surrounding mountains.

It is a broad expanse of fertile land. From nearby the forest had the dense trees and the shade of a tree. Although the geomorphologic landscape of forest park is without the mighty appearance, yet doubly natural and rustic, peaceful and beautiful. Here you could really appreciate and perceive the forest park natural landscape as of a fairyland on Earth, a heaven of peace and happiness.

Guanshan Forest Park is located in the Guanshan forestry region that is one of the great natural woodland, with forest coverage reaching 84.4%. The plant animal formation in the garden is very diverse and a great variety. The woodland scenery is delightful and different in all four seasons.

The seasonal appearance of the plant had a decided change, which could make you really taste the beautiful poetic imagery of returning to nature and recovering simplicity. Guanshan Forest Park is the largest and only natural grassland in European grassland style in northwest China. 
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