Fun and Entertainment in the Ice City - Harbin

3/21/2014 Jenny Huang Sights Harbin 2816

China is one of the most beautiful places in the whole world. Its traditional culture, scenic beauty and the growth that has happened in that country over a few years is contradicting as well as exciting. There are famous places in China known to the whole world like the Great Wall Of China whereas some of the equally beautiful places are just known to the locals and yet to be discovered by international tourists. One of these beautiful yet unknown places is the north eastern city of China, Harbin.



Harbin is the largest city and also the capital of the province of Heilongjiang. It also holds the status of sub provincial administration; it is the eighth-most densely inhabited city amongst all of the Chinese cities, and also the most populated city in North Eastern China. The Census statistic of 2010 revealed that the city of Harbin has a total population of 5,878,939 residents. This city is the prime source of cultural, economic, social and scientific factors and events in the whole north eastern China.

The actual meaning Harbinis “a place for drying fishing nets". This city transformed from a minutebucolic settlement to one of the major cities in Northeast China. It was found in the year 1898 with the establishment of the Railway of Trans- Manchurian, and the city has vast number of immigrants that arrived from the country of Russia.

It has one of the chilliest winters in the whole region of north eastern China and is also referred as Ice city for the same reason. It is very popular for its winter tourism and also amusement purpose. It was also regarded as the fashion capital of China in 1920s.


Harbin is located near the border of Russia and, this northeastern city has yearly snow and ice sculpture festivals, with enormouscreation that has the tendency to remain in a frozen state until springarrives. With temperatures plummetingdownwardunder zero Fahrenheit (which is around -20 Celsius), you will need topack up as you travel around the amazing and beautiful frozen creations and since you are there, you definitely need to give a try to the ice slides.


When it comes to the places that are available for stay at Harbin, Hotel Ibis is a tepid and reasonably priced place to reside while you’re there. You also have the option to try the Russian fare at the gilded Hua Mei restaurant on ZhongyangDajie or at Tatos Restaurant and you can end your enjoyable and amiable dinner with ample vodka and Harbin Beer available.

To reach Harbin, you can take Flights from Beijing which will take around two to three hours. Overnight trains are also available from Beijing, however, there would be problem in getting tickets as they are in short supply during the time of winter.

Other Places to Visit 

While you are in Harbin, you can also pay visit to the Siberian Tiger Park and the onion-domed Russian Orthodox Church.

No doubt, if you are visiting China in the winter season, Harbin is definitely not a place to miss. 

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