Find the most beautiful Buddha in Longmen Grottoes

6/1/2011 dany Sights Luoyang 1050

If the Longmen Grottoes is synonymous with Luoyang, then Losana is the spokesman for the Longmen Grottoes. Thought she should be the most beautiful Buddha statues here, but in fact, it is not.

The weather in Luoyang is changeable, especially in summer. It may be rainy for a while then sunny in the next few minutes. The air pressure was very low that day. The Yihe Bridge in the distance was built imitated arch bridge.

The word “Longmen” on the Yihe Bridge is mentioned by Chen Yi Marshal.

It charges 120 RMB to tour the Longmen Grottoes, including the Longmen Grottoes, White Park (Bai tomb), Xiangshan Temple. We had to go to the north bank of the river to visit the White Park and the Xiangshan Temple, but there were cars to travel between the scenic spots.

the water temperature of Yuwang pool is at 24 ℃ to 26 ℃ all year round, the water has been flowing for nearly one thousand years.

The main resorts locate on the coast of the river , about 1.5 kilometers long, such as Binyangshan cave, Lianhua cave, Fengxian Temple, Guyang cave and other attractions. The stone steps are up and down, it is rather difficult o climb the hills. The surface of many steps is very smooth as the years gone, you must be careful when up and down the stairs.

It is said that this stone was shipped over from Yanshi, another city in Henan, no matter from which angle you can see the peony pattern on the stone.It is said that this stone was shipped over from Yanshi, another city in Henan, no matter from which angle you can see the peony pattern on the stone.

The statues in the lower position of Longmen Grottoes are almost stolen.

There is a word -- "Yique" on the stone wall in this photo, in fact, this related with the origin of Longmen Grottoes.

Binyangshan cave is the first cave after into the scenic area, it is a large rock statue of a group. It was excavated in the Northern Wei Dynasty.

The middle cave of Binyangshan cave is the Buddha Sakyamuni.

Lianhua Cave is named for the large lotus flower on the top of the cave. It was also excavated in the Northern Wei Dynasty. Lotus is the symbol of Buddhism, meaning grow in the mud but not stained. Therefore, lotuses are generally used as a decoration for the Buddhist Grottoes, but as this huge beautiful Lianhua Grottoes in high relief a large lotus flower is also rare in the Longmen Grottoes.
There are 10,005 small Buddhas in "Lianhua Cave". This dense little Buddha, each high 4 cm, even the smallest is 2 cm high, called dermabrasion. Therefore, it is also called Wanfo Caves in Chinese.

There is a special Goddess of Mercy statue outside of Lianhua Cave, our guide told us to observe it carefully, it is regarded as the most beautiful Buddha, as the "oriental" Venus. This statue is 85 cm-high, her body is "s" shaped, the whole attitude is very dignified and beautiful.Though some parts of the face have weathered away, it is still exquisite look.

Longmen Grottoes is the only one of the three famous caves which was excavated by civilians allowed by the royal.

Walking in the scenic area, you will find the middle of the stone is full of lines of butterfly nails. It is said that it was intend to prevent the flooding. The stones connected by the nails were known as the bank in the past.

There are clear records for the flood level each year.

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