Enjoy Beijing's Golden Autumn

11/6/2013 Ada Activities Beijing 4973

Beijing's autumn, specifically the two months from the mid-Setempber to mid-November is the ideal season to visit Beijing, not only because it has tenderly warm sunshine and brilliant blue sky, but also because the gorgeous scenery of Beijing autumn. It's always comfortably cool outside, exploring the city's streets and hutong, killing your time in the numerous outdoor cafes and restaurants, climbing the suburban mountains, being a hero by hiking the great wall and enjoying the best autumn hues feasting your eyes. In case you don’t know it, there are three activities people don’t want to miss during the beautiful autumn in Beijing.

Appreciating Red Leaves in Fragrant Hill Park 


Beijing has more than 20,000 hectares of foliage in its surrounding mountains, spanning 230 kilometers. Maple, smoke trees, persimmon, hawthorn, gingko, torch trees, birch, aspen, hickories, linden, chestnut, walnut, sawtooth oak, jujube and more to beautify Beijing. Get out and enjoy the best fall colors probably the most ideal period from October 15 throughout November 15 in Beijing with many trees stripped of their leaves by the end of October. 


Fragrant Hill in the suburbs of Beijing is a popular place that each Beijinger regards it as his garden near home. When autumn comes, this hill enters its most showy and colorful season with fiery leaves.Believe me, the last thing you want to do is missing. Snap pictures or just take in a feast for the eyes!

Climbing Mutianyu Great Wall

"He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man", as this famous Chinese saying goes, the Great Wall of China, a great engineering marvel, always attracts throngs of adventurous tourists from all over the world. While the cool climate in autumn makes it the best season to challenge.

Mutianyu Great Wall is the most beautiful section of the Great Wall of China, filled with fragrant flowers in spring, abundantly verdant in summer, charming with red-leafed maple trees in autumn. This is the second most redeveloped section after Badaling, with high forest cover and remarkable views in fall and summer. It is steeper than Badaling but less congested by tourists, souvenir sellers and especially pickpockets. Here you will find a truly mind blowing experience.

Picking Fresh Fruits in Beijing Suburb Areas


Autumn is the season for harvest. Take a stroll through the orchards and fields and enjoy the scenery and romantic atmosphere, while picking your favorite vegetables and fruits. You can find various fresh fruits including apple, chestnuts etc. The limitless delight experienced by picking fruits and vegetables with your own hands can be realized in Beijing's peaceful suburbs.

Without the disturbance of summer heat and winter coldness, people can always enjoy a most comfortable autumn to breath the clean airs, look out the blue sky and enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. Meanwhile, there is fairly big difference in temperature between early morning and afternoon. You may wear a jacket, or a warm coat in the morning, long-sleeve shirts or short T-shirts in the afternoon. Paying attention to all the factors, and preparing your travel beforehand is preferred.

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