Divine Picturesque West Lake

11/25/2013 chloe Sights Hangzhou 2776

Have you decided where to go this autumn or winter? Hangzhou welcomes a flood of visitors to the West Lake at all times of the year. So why not come with us and appreciate a charming scene at West Lake.

The West Lake, a divinely picturesque spot in Hangzhou with rich cultural heritage, is recognized as the most enchanting lake that tourists should not miss in China. In song dynasty, many literati and poets penned poems to describe this beautiful lake, such as Su Dongpo. "Rippling waters shimmering on a sunny day, Misty Mountains shrouded in rain; plain or gaily dressed like Xizi; West Lake is always alluring." This is one of the famous poems written by Su Dongpo and from it you may entirely understand Su’s allusion to Xizi. To praise the lake, Su compared it with Xishi, a Chinese legendary beauty, and later the West Lake is also known as Xizi Lake. Not only did ancient people praise the West Lake, but also foreigners. During Richard Nixon’s stay in Hangzhou, he typically expressed his deep love for the West Lake. In his eyes, Beijing is the capital of China, but Hangzhou is its heart.

How much do you know about the “Ten scenes of the West Lake”? The so-called “Ten scenes of the West Lake” can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty, which are distributed around and within the lake, showing the beauty of the West Lake. It is said, the scenery is unique from different seasons, different times of the day and even different angles. For centuries, the West Lake has been working its charm on all those who gaze upon it.
The Spring Dawn at Su Causeway
The Spring Dawn is a thin strip of land, which is filled with weeping willow trees and pink peach. In the morning, sparking lakeside, singing birds, fragrant peach will make you feel like walking in the midst of paradise. Every time people plan their spring outing, they could not help but choose the Spring Dawn at Su Causeway as the first stop. 

The Lotus in the Breeze at Crooked Courtyard
Appreciating the elegant lotus at Crooked Courtyard is an indispensable activity in the hot summer days. In the past, there was a brewery nearby and people usually enjoyed the fragment of both flowers and wine in the fresh lake breezes. Though the old brewery is gone, the erect- stand lotus and the graceful smell of lotus flowers still make people intoxicating.

The Autumn Moon on Calm Lake
In China, the full moon is always associated with special emotion, including homesickness, family reunion, lovesickness and so forth. Every year, a majority of visitors will come and spend the Mid-autumn night here, appreciating the bright moon over the lake and scenery bathed in the moonlight. 


The Melting Snow on the Broken Bridge
Retreating from the autumn moon on Calm Lake, here we are going to have a look at the legendary Broken Bridge. I guess you must have heard of the romantic folktale between Xu Xian and Bainiangzi in China. Bainiangzi, a pretty woman, is actually a white snake. She first met Xuxian on this stone-arched Broken Bridge accidentally and then fell in love with him. Winter is usually cold here. When the snow stopped, the accumulated snow on the exposed side becomes melted, but the shaded side remaining white. If you stand in the distance, it seems that a long white belt is ripped apart on the bridge, romantic and fantastic.

Still there are another 6 must-see scenes of the West Lake, but we will not illustrate one by one here. Whenever you come to the West Lake, it is said, it is always the perfect time for sightseeing. See you in Hangzhou!

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