Delicious Chinese Pastries and Sweet Treats

7/18/2014 Donna Food China 3704
Chinese pastries and cakes can be found in all shapes, forms and size. The pastries and cakes differ from that of the west. Chinese pastries and cakes can be steamed, baked or fried. Ingredients used in Chinese baking eggs, glutinous rice flour, oil, yeast, salt and sugar. For most fillings you will find the most common is red bean paste, mung bean paste or lotus seed paste.

Here are some of the best tasting cakes and pastries around China that will certainly have you drooling after!

Wife Pastry 老婆饼

The Wife Pastry otherwise also known as Sweet Heart Pastry originates from Chaozhou of Guangdong Province. The cake is perhaps is one of the most simple pastries the outer pastry is thin, crisp and flakes with one bite and the filling is made of the Chinese Winter Melon that is sweet but not sickly.

Glutinous Rice Dumpling 糯米糍

The Glutinous Rice Dumpling dates back to the Southern Song Dynasty and was then known as “Scholar Dumplings”. The dumpling is made from glutinous rice flour and is filled with peanut paste and the outer coat has many variations, some dumplings are dusted with flour and some are covered in shredded coconut.

Banana Rolls 香蕉糕

As a traditional Guangdong sweet treat, the banana roll is made of Chaozhou flour and glutinous rice flour then combining both together with sugar,lard and banana flavoring then kneaded and rolled into shape then steamed and voila banana rolls are ready to be served!

Longevity Buns 寿桃包

Longevity buns are known for their unique appearance, the adorable looking buns are in the shape of a peach. The peachy buns are mainly available in Guangdong in particularly in Hong Kong restaurants where they are served during birthdays. The buns are filled with lotus seed paste or mung bean paste.

Egg Tarts 蛋挞

Egg tarts made their appearance in Hong Kong during the 1940s as the upgraded version of the Portuguese Egg Tarts from Macau. The Hong Kong egg tarts have a pie crust filled with scrumptious egg filling. The egg tarts are available in most Hong Kong Tea Restaurants.

Osmanthus Jelly 桂花糕

Osmanthus Jelly is a delicious and refreshing sweet desert which has a history over 300 years. The sweet jelly is made using gelatin, Osmanthus syrup and dried Osmanthus. You can enjoy the aroma of the Osmanthus whilst tasting the wonderful jelly that will remind you of spring.

Bowl Rice Pudding 钵仔糕

Bowl Rice Pudding has a history dating back to the Qing dynasty and is a Guangdong desert. The jelly textured delights are molded into little bowls and come in different flavors and colors.

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