Classical Yuyuan Garden

11/12/2013 chloe Sights Shanghai 3188

Have you ever heard about Yuyuan Garden? Well, if your answer is “no”, I strongly recommend you to pack up the luggage and join me in the trip to Shanghai. For most visitors, Yuyuan Garden is a must see since it is filled of Shanghai spirit and tradition. 


Yuyuan Garden, located in the center of old city, is recognized as a pearl of classical garden in Shanghai. Founded by Pan’s Family in Ming Dynasty, it occupies an area of about five acres and has a history of more than four hundred years. It is said that Yuyuan Garden is specially built for Pan’s parents to spend the rest of their life in a quiet and peaceful place. In Chinese, Yu means pleasing and satisfying and that why this private garden named Yuyuan after construction.
Shanghai-Yuyuan-Garden3.jpgActually, Yuyuan Garden can be divided into 6 main scenic areas: Sansui Hall, Wanhua Chamber, Dianchun Hall, Huijing Hall, Yuhua Hall and the Inner Garden. While you are walking in the garden, you can easily find lots of unique pavilions, rockeries, terraces and chambers, reflecting the ancient style of Chinese gardening art in Ming dynasty. As for the highlights of Yuyuan Garden, we should explore the Great Rockery, Exquisite Jade Rock and Sansui Hall respectively.

The Great Rockery
When you step into the Garden, the Great Rockery will greet the eyes firstly. With a height of fourteen meters, it is a time-honored rockery in the area of Yangzte River. At the foot of the rockery, a lot of green trees and nice flowers are planted. If you want to take a look of the whole garden, you can climb to the top of the rockery and enjoy the fantastic spectacle. Every year, countless visitors come here to appreciate it.

Exquisite Jade Rock
Apart from The Great Rockery, the Exquisite Jade Rock is another marvelous rock in Yuyuan Garden that will not let you down. As a centerpiece, it has a height of 3.3 meters and 72 holes. What are the holes used for? Suppose that you pour enough water from the top of the rock, the water will magically flow out from every hole. That is so interesting, right? In order to enjoy this grotesque rock, Yuhua Hall is constructed in face of it. Pan usually sat in the hall and looked at the rock for a long time, because he was crazed about it.

Sansui Hall
As the name implies, Sansui means lucky and propitious in Chinese. Sansui Hall has 5 featuring halls and known as the largest one in the garden. At the beginning, it was mainly used for entertainment of the guests, but later ceremonies for gentlemen were gradually held here. And now, it regarded as historical sites that opened to the public for sightseeing. 

Tips: 1. the transportation is very convenient and you can arrive there both by bus or by metro.

        2. Tickets are available from 8:30 A.M to 17:30 P.M. 3. Yuyuan Garden is located in the north-eastern            of the old Chinese city, No.137 Anren Street, Huangpu District, Shanghai.

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