Chinese New Year Good Luck Food!

2/7/2013 Donna Other China 2353

Food has a very important role in Chinese New Year! Do not be fooled by the simple dishes served as each has its hidden meanings! So eating the right foods can bring you good luck for the year of the snake! Now let’s take a peek at the lucky food list…


At the top of the list are Tangerines andOranges, which symbolize wealth and good luck. In Chinese the word for Tangerines sounds like gold, therefore you will find Tangerines in most households during this celebratory season. A tip when choosing tangerines is to choose ones with leaves as the leaves symbolize longevity.



Now for an ultimate kick start to the New Year you definitely need to eat some Nian Gao (New Year Cake). The omen behind this little sweet dish is that each year will be more prosperous than the previous. The traditional Nian Gao is made of sticky rice flour and brown sugar which is steamed. For those with a more savory taste there is the radish cake, taro cake and the water chestnut cake which are equally delicious.


Although fish is eaten all year round inChina, it is still a very important dish on Chinese New Year. The meaning behind the fish is that you will have a surplus each year, so you definitely want to be eating more fish if you want to be raking in the money for 2013!


In the north ofChinadumplings (Jiaozi) are eaten throughout the year, but during the Chinese New Year these delicious little parcels represent fortune and wealth due to its appearance resembling that of golden ingots. If you’re lucky you might even find a golden coin in one of your dumplings!



For all you candy lovers out there you will no doubt be able to spy sweets in all households during this period. You might have discovered these sweets are put into a peculiar swiveling box and bingo you’ve guessed it there is another meaning behind this. The box is known as “Quan He” this means unity and togetherness for this celebratory period.


These are just a few of the foods mentioned and you should keep your eyes out for many more other treats during the Chinese New Year!

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