Children’s Park at Changchun

9/29/2014 Seven Sights Changchun 4495
The Children Park is located in the downtown area, on Renmin Street in Changchun, China. It is an amazing place to visit and a paradise for kids. There are many recreational facilities and special projects provided for visitors to play. The park has beautiful scenery and interesting things which tourists will love to see. Both adults and children can have a good time in it.

Main attraction
“Long March Garden” is the lightspot of the park. This is a tiny model that imitates the Chinese Red Army's long march course that happened between 1934 and 1936. This park sets up the project lies in making children learn about the adversity of the Long March, inspiring them to hike the “hill” and pace through the “grassland” to understand the struggle of the Chinese army. In this way, they get to know about how it feels to cross marshlands and ascend the Snow Mountains. So that children can know the meaning of hard work and cherish every moment. Tourists can learn more things about Chinese History when spend a pleasant day out.

The long march happened in a hard period. At that time, the Communists of China had to avoid an intensive Kuomintang attack that had been instructed by the leader, Chiang Kai-shek. About five hundred thousand Kuomintang troops surrounded Jiangxi, the base of the Communists. In an effort to break through the enemy lines, the communists had to start the long march by carrying its 87,000 soldiers and stuffs like furniture, printing presses, typewriter, guns, and ammunitions and so on. They had to experience a lot and most of the time they suffered from the most difficult environment. The communists lost about fifty percent of the soldier in this long march and that was a huge setback, but they kept at it and came back to win in the end.

Other attractions
Another famous spot in this park is the flower exhibition. Various flowers are exhibited in the hall. As the change of season, the flowers displayed are different. In the midst of the edifices in the park, there are two exhibition galleries in which many well-known four-season flowers are displayed. Among the flowers on show kaffir lily is the most famous. In the park, there are also various rides for kids and tourists, such as roller coaster, air revolving chair and air ride bike.

The park is so pretty that visitors are willing to take photos in the attractive place. When you are playing in the park, it is easy for you to buy multifarious delicious snacks, for there are convenience stores available. In the leisure time, you can go to the park and sit on the grass and have a relaxed picnic with your family and friends. In the park, you can also find some musicians playing different musical instruments, like the Chinese trumpet. Sweet music adds joy to the beautiful environment. Not just the children, the elderly also enjoy themselves in the park. They have pleasant time in the park by dancing, singing and playing new games.

How to reach
You can go to the Children Park by taking bus No. 16 to the people square station. The entry to the park need fee and the rides have their own charges. 
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