Best Food Cities in China

3/28/2014 Jenny Huang Food China 3816
There are several excellent spots in China from where one can get good traditional dishes. Lot many travellers visit China to view beautiful places and also to sample good authentic food in best settings. Food is a general factor that the tourists to China love to experience. There are few cities where one can have a huge domain of locations in China to get good food. Food Tours are very common these days. It covers almost every famous place in China for the travellers who are having special interest to taste oriental and genuine cuisine.

Hong Kong

It is located in Southeast China. The special culinary styles are foreign cuisine, Hong Kong cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. There are 8 culinary styles for China, among which the Cantonese food is the sweetest one. It is loved by people all over the world. It is very close to flavour of takeaway food in China. This food is very similar to that of Western palate. This style is provided in Hong Kong with excellent dim sum and seafood. Dim sum is light tea meal special to Hong Kong. There are several restaurants in this international wealthy city that offers excellent quality dishes from several nations across the globe, like British, Korean and Japanese food.


Beijing is located in northeast China. The main culinary styles are Mongolian cuisine, Jing cuisine and northeast cuisine. Peking duck is a very delicious Chinese food with classic style. It is never prepared well as in Beijing. Peking duck originated as Beijing’s imperial food. The restaurants here give duck feast in a much studied as well as lavish style. This food has own class and known as Jing cuisine. In northern Chine, wheat is more preferred than rice. Therefore several wheaten foods are made, such as noodles, dumplings, pancakes, steamed buns, and more. In northeast food style, there are many braising too.


It is located in province of Fujian in Southeast China. The culinary styles are Fujian or Min cuisine. Xiamen is best place to get high quality tasty seafood, authentic sour as well as sweet dishes. Fujian cuisine is popular for the soups and spices. The attractions of Xiamen make it very interesting spot for tourists.


Macau is located in south eastern part of China. The special culinary styles are Cantonese cuisine and Portuguese-Chinese cuisine. It offers really good combinations of Chinese and Portuguese food styles. This tiny colony is having a unique menu of good taste.


It is located in the province named Sichuan in central China. The culinary style in Chengdu is Chuan cuisine. It offers very spicy food and is recognized as a well known culinary style in China. People who love chillies always prefer the Sichuan food. The classic dishes in this style are mapo tofu, kungpao chicken and Sichuan hotpot. Another city that offers good Chuan food is Chongqing.


It is located in Guangdong province in the south eastern part of China. The main culinary style is Yue cuisine. The specialties are roast suckling pig, white cut chicken, soups – sweet as well as sour, and spring rolls.
With so much varieties food, the tourist with an inclination to taste the different style of cuisine, China will never let you down!

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