A Leisure Trip to Yangjiang City

2/21/2014 Selina Ou Sights Yangjiang 3204
After a tour at the local Guangzhou and the busy Shenzhen, the modern Hong Kong and the dazzling Macau, the casual Zhuhai and the natural Zhaoqing, what's your next destination for your Guangdong travel? Then how about a leisure trip to the Yangjiang City? Spending just one or two days, you will get a relaxed and pleasant at the leisure Yangjiang.

Situated in the southwest coast of Guangdong Province, Yangjiang City has become one of the major excellent tourist destinations and resorts in Guangdong. As it is a coastal city, what attracts people most is its beautiful coastal landscapes. Though, the coastal sceneries at Yangjiang are not as famous as those of Sanya, their natural and humble beauties have attracted a lot of tourists there and have made it a hotter destination.

Yangjiang has rich tourism resources and there are a lot to enjoy. The beautiful sea and the charming beach, the splendid Karst forest and caves, high mountains and lakes, and the hot springs, all these natures add excitements to your trip.

Silver Beach

On the south of the Hailing Island, there is a long, long beach to be found. The Silver Beach is as long as 9.5 kilometers with the coastal shoreline as long as 16.5 kilometers. The silver colored beach with the fine and soft sands look like a silver belt lay between the blue sea and the green surroundings. At this area, you will also find a Song City which is the largest architecture group that resembles architecture of the ancient Song Dynasty. And the Yinhai Village gathering magnificent and luxury villas stands at this area. Also do not miss the attractive Hailing Island that has wide beach and green hills, fresh sunshine and large waves.

Zhapo Town and Dajiao Bay

Situated in the southeast of the Hailing Island, Dajiao Bay has gained its reputation as a beautiful bay. It is surrounded by mountains in the three sides and is shaped like a buffalo horn. Sea, beach, sunshine, swimming, seafood, shopping, Zhapo Town is quite popular among tourists.

Shapa Bay

Nestled to the Beizai Ridge and facing the wide blue sea, Shapa has great views with the beautifully curved bay, silver beach, green forests and hills. It is a ideal natural seawater bath. Also at this area, there are scenic spots including Shapa Seashore, Moon Bay, Qingzhou Island, Bai’e Ridge, etc.

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