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Mosques in Lhasa

Mosques in Lhasa


Tibet is often considered a Buddhist region and is the main religion of Tibetans. However, there is a significant Muslim population which can be found in Lhasa. The earliest record of Islam in Tibet can be traced back to almost 1000 years where Arab traders arrived in the 8th century. As more Arab traders arrived in Lhasa the Muslim community further expanded in particularly in the Kashmir area located in the west of Tibet during the 12th century. 


The first mosque in Tibet was built during the reign of Kangxi in 1716, during the Qing Dynasty. This mosque is known as Lhasa Great Mosque. In 1793 the mosque was expanded due to the number of Muslim soldiers located in Lhasa. 

    Lhasa Mosque (Masjid) Guide
  • Lhasa Great Mosque

    Lhasa Great Mosque

    Originally built in the 18th century, the Lhasa Great Mosque is also well-known as Hebalin Mosque . It is recorded that the mosque was constructed by some Muslim traders who came from Arab countries to Tibet. Located at Hebalin, Chengguan District of Lhasa, the Lhasa...Detail
  • Lhasa Small Mosque

    Lhasa Small Mosque

    First constructed in 1863 by Muslim businessmen from Kashmir and Nepal, the Lhasa Small Mosque was actually built for foreign Muslims to do prayer. Located 200 meters southeast of Barkhor Street, Lhasa Small Mosqueonly has a small area of 130 square meters, but it is...Detail