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Mosques in Langzhong

Mosques in Langzhong

    Langzhong Mosque (Masjid) Guide
  • Baba Mosque

    Baba Mosque

    Baba Mosque , first built in the Qing Dynasty, is one of famous mosques in China. Located on the south of Panglong Mountain in Langzhong of Sichuan Province, Baba Mosque was once called Jiuzhao Pavilion. Baba means ancestors in Arabic. Therefore, it is said that the mo...Detail
  • Langzhong Mosque

    Langzhong Mosque

    Fisrt built in the 8 th year of Qing Emperor Kangxi’ rein (1669) and rebuilt during the Jiaqing Perior (1796~1820) of the Qing Dynasty, Langzhong Mosque is one of the major mosques in Langzhong Ancient City, Sichuan Province. The lastest reconstruction of the ...Detail