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Mosques in Kunming

Mosques in Kunming

Islam was introduced to the Yunan province in 1253 when it was conquered by Kublai Khan, who became the fifth emperor of the Yuan Dynasty. Khan then sent Sayyid All Omer Shams al-Din to Yunnan to be the provincial governor. During Sayyid’s reign 12 mosques were established in Kunming, two of which are Nancheng Mosque and Yongning Mosque. 

    Kunming Mosque (Masjid) Guide
  • Kunming Chongde Mosque

    Kunming Chongde Mosque

    Covering an area of 2,500 square meters, the Chongde Mosque in Kunming is a five-floor building in Arabic style. The first and second floor is rented out for business use, occupied by shops and offices. The kitchen, water house and living room are located on the thir...Detail
  • Kunming Nancheng Mosque

    Kunming Nancheng Mosque

    As the largest mosque in Kunming, the Nancheng Mosque was first constructed during the Tang Dynasty(618-907), and then renovated and reconstructed for many times during the Qing Dynasty. The mosque’s design reflects architectural style of Chinese temples due to ...Detail
  • Kunming Shuncheng Street Mosque

    Kunming Shuncheng Street Mosque

    As the headquarter of Islamic Association in Yunnan Province, the Kunming Shuncheng Street Mosque was constructed during the Ming Dynasty and is considered one of the most famous mosques in China. During the Qing Dynasty the mosque was expanded and reconstructed, and...Detail
  • Kunming Yongning Mosque

    Kunming Yongning Mosque

    First built in Yuan dynasty (1271-1368) when Nancheng Mosque was constructed, the Yongning Mosque was reconstructed in Qing Dynasty. Despite the small scale of the mosque, it still attracts a large number of Muslims. The prayer hall has an area of 200 square meters a...Detail
  • Kunming Yixigong Mosque

    Kunming Yixigong Mosque

    First built in 1898, the Yixigong Mosque has been with ups and downs. The mosque was expended in the year of 1999, and continued to strengthen inner infrastructure in 2005. Covering a total area of 4,525 square meter s, it is a brand new building with all kinds of fun...Detail
  • Kunming Jinniu Street Mosque

    Kunming Jinniu Street Mosque

    First constructed by Hui people in the Yuan Dynasty, the Jinniu Street Mosque was reconstructed and expanded for several times. The mosque was damaged by the Japanese during the Second World War in 1941, but then its reconstruction took place in 1943. The mosque has...Detail