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Mosques in Chengdu

Mosques in Chengdu

    Chengdu Mosque (Masjid) Guide
  • Tuqiao Mosque

    Tuqiao Mosque

    Tuqiao Mosque is one of the major mosques in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. The Tuqiao Mosque is divided into two parts including Tuqiao Upper Mosque and Tuqiao Lower Mosque . Tuqiao Mosque was built in 1791 during the Qing Dynasty and it occupies an area of 2170.74 squar...Detail
  • Chengdu Huangcheng Mosque

    Chengdu Huangcheng Mosque

    Huangcheng Mosque is the only opening religious site for Muslims in the center of Chengdu. It is one of the most famous mosques in the southwest of China. It is called Huangcheng (palace wall) for short. It was named Huangcheng (meaning of a place near the palace in Ch...Detail