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Shanghai Pudong Mosque

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Pudong Mosque is located in Jia No.16, Wujiating, Pudong Road, Shanghai City. It is one of the major mosques in the city of Shanghai. Pudong Mosque was first built in 1935 and later rebuilt in 1984. The mosque covers a large area of 1,650 square meters.

Pudong Mosque was constructed into a 3-storeyed building in Arabic styles. It is featured with the architectural characteristics of elegant, splendid and bright. The mosque was designed into geometrical shapes which are of religious features. Inside the mosque, there is a round dome in the size of 9 meters' diameter and 25 meters' height standing with a crescent symbol on its top. Around it, there are other three round domes sitting orderly with the large dome.

This Pudong Mosque is faced to the north. The spacious courtyard inside the mosque is considered as the axis of the layout. The prayer hall is situated in the west of the courtyard which could hold 100 people to do prayer. In the south of the prayer hall stand the imam room, the water house and the office. The minaret built inside the mosque is quite magnificent with a height of 36 meters.

Pudong Mosque welcomes numerous Muslims every year and is one of the important mosques for Muslims to do prayers and to worship in Shanghai.

Contact Information
Address: No. 375, Yuanshen Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai
Telephone: 008621-50540416
Photos of Shanghai Pudong Mosque

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