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Shenzhen, City of Theme Parks

Shenzhen, City of Theme Parks


Flotillas, snacks, slides and replica monuments: OK theme parks may not be to everyone’s taste but should you have kids they can help relieve the strain of holidaymaking. After all, what could be wrong with a comprehensive catalogue of fun bound-up in one ticket price? Despite their tawdry reputation it should be remembered that theme parks assume every shape and guise, with s...
Hong Kong’s Best Hikes

Hong Kong’s Best Hikes

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Hiking isn’t the first thing you’d think of doing when you visit Hong Kong. But, if you think the city is only good for shopping, eating, and partying till dawn, then you’re definitely missing out on some beautiful sights! Hiking in Hong Kong is incredibly rewarding, and you’ll get a mix of coastline, hills, and cultural sites. Pack your trail shoes, sports attire, and get rea...
Shenzhen Garden City

Shenzhen Garden City


Superficially Shenzhen might look like an urban jungle, its lofty new skyscrapers garnering more attention than its parks. But in reality, the new city cuts its way through sultry Guangdong province where subtropical flora shades the boulevards and frames the public gardens. Indeed, should you find yourself in the Overseas Chinese Town, with its meandering streets flanked by t...
Island Hopping, Hong Kong Style

Island Hopping, Hong Kong Style

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Hong Kong , as those that know a bit of regional history can testify, is the island that was ceded to the British after the first Opium War during the Qing Dynasty. Yes, the outcropping Lord Palmerton called a “barren rock,” transformed into a veritable Chinese Manhattan. What we commonly dub Kong Kong actually encompasses more than the island of its namesake. In fact, the SAR...
Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a vibrant city that literally never sleeps, and is the perfect place to celebrate the Chinese New Year. As a bright-eyed tourist wandering about town during the festive season, you wouldn’t be left out in the cold as Hong Kongers don’t just celebrate at home, they bring the party downtown so you can join in the fun too. What’s the Chinese New Year about? Image Cre...
Mark Your 2017 Calendars for These Festivals in China

Mark Your 2017 Calendars for These Festivals in Ch...


As 2016 draws to a close, let out the biggest sigh of relief and congratulate yourself and everyone around you for surviving a rather tumultuous year. As 2017 comes rolling along, it’s time to hit the refresh button and set a resolution to live it well, no matter what comes along. So, what better way than to mark your calendars for a year of celebrations and festivals? Here ar...
Ushering in the New Year in China

Ushering in the New Year in China


Chinese New Year may be THE celebration in China, but that doesn’t mean you have nowhere to go for a good’ole countdown on the Roman calendar. Whether you’re up for a contemplative New Year’s Eve or a crazy night out, you can be sure that China’s cities and beyond will offer you the night to remember. Shanghai KTV the night away Grab your pals and hopefully some Chinese friend...
The Excitement at Huangteng Gorge (黄腾峡) Takes Away Annoyance

The Excitement at Huangteng Gorge (黄腾峡) Takes Away...

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Guangdong Province in October is still like in Summer, people all wear summer clothing in streets. If you want to grasp the tail of summer to experience the pleasure brought by outdoor water recreation, "Huangteng Gorge Ecological Tour Area" will be a perfect choice for you. Huangteng Gorge is 683 meters high, 8 kilo meters long. The winding gorge just like a flying ...
How Do Chinese People Celebrate Mid-autumn Festival

How Do Chinese People Celebrate Mid-autumn Festiva...

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There are many other names for Mid-autumn Festival, like “Middle August”, “Moon Festival”, or “Family Reunion Festival”. Traditional Mid-autumn Festival matters a lot in China. How on earth do Chinese celebrate Mid-autumn Festival ? Worship and enjoy the full moon Worshiping moon is carried out everytime on the eve of mid-autumn from Zhou dynasty(BC.1046-BC.256). Mooncakes, wa...
Tibetan Culture

Tibetan Culture


Tibet is perhaps one of the most mysterious isolated locations along the Himalayan plateau that attracts many visitors from all over the world! The pure scenery and unique culture of Tibetans are one of the biggest highlights. Tibet’s culture is heavily influenced by Buddhism with the majority of arts, literature and music prevailing Buddhist beliefs. Tibetan Clothing Tibe...